Weight Loss Program

Tailored to your lifestyle and goals

Our staff is ready to create a health plan for you to not only meet your weight loss goals but maintain them as well. Our supervised program utilizes vitamins, vitamin injections, amino acids along with a high protein/low carbohydrate proprietary diet. Weekly visits with our health coach provides the ongoing ACCOUNTABILITY necessary to stay focused and on track.

With a several step process, the program is broken down into weekly phases and visits to our center to meet with our weight loss coach:


  • Initial visit & kickstart
  • Weekly visit & weigh-in 

  • Healthy coaching with skinny shot & meal plan

  • Acute Phase visits
  • Maintenance Phase visits
  • Support Phase visits

Program Overview

Learning more about the phases

Our wellness center offers a three phase weight management program that utilizes vitamins, vitamin injections, and a high protein/low carbohydrate proprietary diet. Our emphasis is exercise and behavior modification for effective, long term weight loss.

Initial Visits:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Measurements
  • Complimentary Vitamin Injections
  • Meeting with health coach for guidance and kickstart weight loss with  a 5 day diet plan

Acute Phase Visits:

  • Weekly Weigh In
  • Skinny Shot
  • Consultation to address questions and concerns

Maintenance Visits:

  • Weekly Weigh In
  • Skinny Shot
  • Consultation to instruct the gradual increase of a caloric intake

Support Visits:

  • Weekly Weigh In
  • Help hold patients accountable while assisting in keeping weight off and transitioning to healthy lifestyle choices

Many Thinique patients lose up to 15-20 pounds the first month and up to 2-5 pounds per week thereafter. Patients schedule weekly visits to the center until they reach a healthy body fat percentage and goal weight.

“I was finally able to achieve my goal weight with the help of Thinique.”

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