IV Therapy

Thinique Skin & Wellness is now offering a way to
hydrate your health

What is IV Therapy?

Your wellness is our mission. What are the benefits of IV Therapy? It has fast delivery with 100% absorption. It can also help prevent illness and restore your vitamin levels. IV Therapy will also completely rehydrate your body giving you restorative energy levels.


Intravenous is the fastest route to deliver medications and fluid replacement throughout your body as they are placed directly into your circulation. IV Therapy can help correct electrolyte imbalances.

Many IV treatments can be completed around 30 minutes. So if your schedule is busy we can help you schedule this quick treatment to get you back up to optimal levels. Thinique Skin & Wellness allows for walk in or scheduled appointments. All treatments are preformed by our highly trained staff. Call and book your appointment today!

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