HCG Diet

Non-surgical supervised health plan

Many people have had successful results from the HCG diet and we want nothing but the most optimal results for our patients.  We feel that HCG is a great kick start to a healthy lifestyle change; it is not a quick fix.  Together we can obtain the results you are looking for in a safe and professional environment.     

Program Overview

Learning more about the diet

Before starting our HCG program, we want to ensure you are a proper candidate.  You will receive a comprehensive consultation during which time we will gather all pertinent health history and draw the required lab.

Many patients will come in expecting to lose 1 lb a day because that is what they read on the internet.  The fact is that every patient will have a unique weight loss and it will vary and depend on their gender and their individual metabolism.  Men generally lose more weight than women and patients with higher metabolism may lose weight quicker.  If you are taking any medications that contain cornstarch or sugar, you will lose half the amount of weight than someone not on medication (do not discontinue the use of any prescription medicine without the advice of your healthcare provider).

After your HCG diet is complete, we offer a lifestyle maintenance program to help you keep your results that you worked so hard for. 

“I was finally able to achieve my goal weight with the help of Thinique.”

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